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Mid Hinge Poles

SLP producing the Mid-Hinged types of Poles with safety lock and smooth down load of Pole head.

Mid-hinge lighting poles, also known as hinged lighting poles or pivot lighting poles, are a type of lighting pole that features a hinge mechanism at a specific height, allowing the pole to be tilted or lowered for maintenance and installation purposes. These poles provide convenient access to the lighting fixtures, making maintenance tasks more accessible and efficient compared to traditional fixed poles.

Hinge Mechanism: The distinguishing feature of mid-hinge lighting poles is the presence of a hinge mechanism, typically located at a predetermined height along the pole shaft. This hinge allows the upper portion of the pole, including the lighting fixtures, to be tilted or lowered for easier access during installation, maintenance, or repair.

Maintenance and Installation: Mid-hinge lighting poles are designed to simplify maintenance tasks by providing easier access to the lighting fixtures. Instead of using special equipment or ladders, maintenance personnel can simply lower the upper section of the pole to a comfortable height, allowing them to perform tasks such as replacing bulbs, cleaning fixtures, or inspecting electrical connections more conveniently and safely.

Security and Safety: Mid-hinge lighting poles enhance safety during maintenance activities. By allowing the upper section of the pole to be lowered, personnel can work at a lower height, reducing the risk of falls or accidents associated with working at elevated heights. Additionally, the hinge mechanism often includes a locking system to secure the pole in position during operation, ensuring stability and preventing unintentional movement.

Design and Construction: Mid-hinge lighting poles are constructed using durable materials such as steel or aluminum to ensure structural integrity and longevity. The hinge mechanism is engineered to support the weight of the upper section of the pole and lighting fixtures while maintaining stability and ease of operation.

Mid-hinge lighting poles offer practical benefits in terms of maintenance and installation convenience, improving efficiency and safety for maintenance personnel. They are particularly useful in areas where regular maintenance or bulb replacement is required, such as parking lots, roadways, sports fields, and public spaces.

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